The number one trait to give your sales team

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The number one trait to give your sales team - Your staff needs this to drive more revenue into your business

Your prospects can smell when your sales team is unsure.


This KILLS the sales in your business, and if you want your sales team to close more sales consistently, they need confidence.


Here's what I did to boost the confidence of my sales team.


Most sales teams do not have the mindset built for sales.


The word sales has a bad connotation, but reframing the purpose of sales will make any sales team shout...


I love doing that.

Sales is about helping people. And people love helping other people. It's about matching a prospect's pain to your product or service.

By framing your product and service as a way to help more people, your sales staff will begin closing more people.


They just need a system that guides them through the process so they don't become a rambling mess.


(How many times has your staff just spewed out all the features and things your product or service can do without understanding the prospect's pain?)


Once your staff understands the step-by-step process to reveal the prospect's  pain... how your product or service solves their pain...


...and invites the prospect to buy, you'll have a repeatable sales process that will build true confidence in your staff.