How I train my staff to overcome objections

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How I train my staff to overcome objections...Use this if your staff hates objections

Objections are a part of the sales process...


...they're just not part of MY sales process.


When your prospects have few objections and feel heard, your success of closing the sale goes up to 64% (WebStrategies).


In my previous blog post, I spoke about how to get your prospects to want to give you money by building rapport... I'm going to share how your sales team can increase conversions with fewer objections.


The key to making a sale without any objections is to beat your prospects to the punch.


Having good rapport allows you to be inside the head of your prospects, while asking good questions reveals how they want their solution to be solved.


When you get answers to your great questions, it's a matter of transitioning from questioner... experts.


You may know your product or service the best...


...but does your staff?


A staff that feels inadequate as experts will ruin your sales conversions.

You don't need to spend hours a week drilling features and functions into your staff either. Instead, convey the value to your staff. And teach your staff to convey value to your prospects. This will increase the enthusiasm of your staff... ..and enthusiastic staff makes enthusiastic customers.

Craft the most common objections into your conversation and the only thing your staff will have to say is...


"Are you ready to get started?"


You can ask owners at multiple YogaSix franchises and Pure Barre franchises how they have doubled their conversions after implementing this simple method.


Any staff can use it.