How to close 70% of cold leads

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How to close 70% of cold leads. This is possible with your own sales team.

People will buy from people they know, like, and trust.


It doesn't take long to build this type of connection so people thank you for solving their problem.


I discovered a method to get more people to buy from you, even if they are colder than an Alaskan winter.


And it even jumpstarts your referral process to bring in warm leads.


People don't want to be sold.


They want to buy.

The difference between making the sale and selling is in building rapport.

Most people think it's about making small talk or making someone laugh, but that defeats the purpose and can make people withhold valuable information to solve their problem.


Good rapport builds trust that opens communication.


And good communication breaks down the walls that stops most sales conversions.


Sadly, most sales staff have trouble building rapport that moves the sales process along.


Bad rapport makes the conversation seem awkward and choppy.


When you have good rapport, there is a bond between the sales person and the prospect.


  • They share information about their situation.
  • They ask for recommendations to solve their problem.
  • It builds relationships for future referrals, filling your pipeline with warm leads who are interested in buying.


If you want your sales team to close more sales, rapport building may be the bridge that closes 70% more sales.