This is what your sales team thinks of the manager

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This is what your sales team thinks of the manager - It can hurt your sales if you don't fix this.

You will consistently hit your sales projections if your sales team is on-board with the manager/owner, while feeling confident in the process.


Managers often make this one mistake when dealing with staff and it could be hurting your sales projections, and you won't know why.


Here's what I do for my managers to boost the morale of my sales teams and increase my revenue.

Your sales could be plummeting because your sales team is afraid to make mistakes.

Managers commonly harp on what the team is doing wrong and this KILLS sales.


The sandwich technique doesn't work to boost morale either.


It's where you put a positive reinforcement between two complements.


Your sales team needs more positive reinforcement to drive your business forward.


Boost the morale of your sales team and your prospects will feel the excitement.


I actually lay out a better way to keep morale high with your team in this video.